Rachel B. Allen Songbird Memorial


UNIR1 Network has created and dedicated this page to, and in loving memory of our “Songbird”, Rachel B. Allen, who suffered from drug addiction, after several years of depression, due to physical pain from a car accident, and a dependency to prescription pills to help alleviate her symptoms, that led to harder drugs.

Those that knew Rachel, knew that she was nothing but awesome, funny, kindhearted, bold, witty, so full of life and very spiritual. But no one knew or recognized, other than the ones that contributed to her addiction, and her dependency, that this would eventually lead to her death. This has had a grave impact on Rachel’s family and her true friends that knew her.

The First Annual RBA Songbird Memorial Benefit will take place on June 3rd, 2017, at The Longhorn Restaurant located on 1379 Lake Ave. (Route 9N) in Lake Luzerne. Every annual event is going to organizations for awareness, education, rehabilitation and recovery. Proceeds from our first annual event will go to Hope House located in Albany, NY.

Our Mission is to bring Drug Awareness to our communities and individual lives, no matter how great or small, to make a difference. If we can help just ONE, then it’s worth the fight.

We need support and voices to fight this war of addiction, raise drug education and awareness, and stop discriminating the faces that need our help against this battle. If anyone would like to donate something, make up a basket, or know of any business that may want to donate something to raffle or include in a basket, please feel free to contact Rachel’s sister, Nachole Allen Loomis-Pulver.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Rachel B. Allen Memorial Benefit, a secure PayPal donate button has been setup for your contribution. Every person that contributes will receive a link to Rachel B. Allen’s Songbird CD to download for free!

Rachel’s family would like to thank…

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