Sheldon Reynolds, formerly the lead guitar player and singer of the music group ‘Earth Wind and Fire’ & work with The Commodores has been singing and playing with the groups and coming off the stage feeling strong and confident, but about two years ago, Sheldon had more and more trouble playing my guitar and standing on stage.  After six months of this, his condition was getting worse, and so he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

“Having an illness like Parkinson’s not only affects you physically but it also can effect us economically and even spiritually. Job losses and having to start life again with nearly nothing is humbling but I still rejoice.”

“During good times and bad I am and have always been unashamed to call on the name of Jesus who still leads me on my calling. That calling is to inspire all who I can. So please join me in helping all in need”.

~ Sheldon Reynolds

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As a former member of “Earth, Wind, and Fire” and the “Commodores”, Sheldon Reynolds has entertained millions. Now, he would like your help!

This fundraiser has been started to help Sheldon with the expense of treatments for his disease. These funds go “directly” to Sheldon! 

Sheldon will “thank you, personally” for each donation. Plus for those that give more than $40 will receive Sheldon’s CD titled “The Answer’!

“We thank you and God Bless!!!!”